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4 Must-Have Charcoal Grilling Tools and Accessories
4 Must-Have Charcoal Grilling Tools and Accessories
April 23, 2019

If you’re an owner of a spiedini grill, chances are that you’re a grill aficionado. If you’re looking to enhance your grilling experience, here are some grill accessories that you should consider getting.


Charcoal Rake

Arranging charcoal can be difficult without the appropriate tools. To help mitigate this small nuisance, a charcoal rake is a perfect tool to help organize and arrange charcoal after placing them in the grill. Even while the grill is cooking, the rake can safely arrange and maneuver the charcoal. This allows for some versatility during the cooking process in the event that you want to alter your grilling style.


Grill Cover

In order to protect your cooking from foreign dirt and debris, a grill cover is absolutely necessary. In addition to providing ample protection, a stainless steel grill will give your spiedini grill an extra touch of elegance and class. Just remember to never place a cover over the grill while the charcoal is still hot.


Wire Grate

A wire grate will allow for some extra versatility for your grill. Our Milano Wire Grates are specially designed to allow for multiple items to be cooked simultaneously without compromising quality and flavour. This means that different meats such as sausages, chicken or steak can all be cooked at the same time while maintaining their natural flavours.


Grill Brush

Proper hygiene is crucial when cooking is involved. After using your grill it’s important to clean it thoroughly in order to ensure no burnt debris remains. Opt for using a bristleless brush to ensure no bristles get caught in the grill.


At Milano Grills, we are the proud supplier of custom built charcoal spiedini grills. We offer a wide range of grills and accessories to ensure that your grilling experience is nothing short of excellent. Whether or not you’re a grill enthusiast or a beginner, come visit our website and contact us today.

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