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Welcome to Milano Grills

Introducing MILANO GRILLS, a new product line by Hitek Milan. A MILANO GRILL is a custom-built charcoal Spiedini grill designed to be the perfect cooking companion for any outdoor gathering. Amaze your friends and family even more with a custom message of your choice cut into your grill.

What makes our product superior to our competitors?

Made of first-grade stainless steel, our custom charcoal grills offer enhanced safety and unmatched quality. Boasting an innovative air circulation system, MILANO GRILL provides good airflow and allows for quick grilling times with minimal lighting efforts. Unlike other BBQs, our grills are made higher up, offering more convenience and ease of use. Featuring a larger cooking surface and foldable legs for convenient portability, our grills are just what you need for an unforgettable outdoor experience with family and friends.

MILANO GRILLS product line offers a wide range of quality Spiedini grills and accessories that will make your outdoor cooking experience a truly unique one. When you buy a custom charcoal grill from Hitek Milan, rest assured you're buying a durable product that will last you a lifetime.


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