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Welcome to Milano Grills.

Hitek Milan is proud to present the MILANO GRILLS product line. A Milano Grill is a custom built charcoal Spiedini grill that will leave your friends full of envy. Our custom designed innovative air circulation system allows for quick grilling times with minimal lighting efforts.

Milano Grills offers a wide range of Spiedini grills and accessories to separate you from everyone else. You can also have your own message, such as your surname, cut into your grill. You will enjoy showing this off to all your friends.

What makes our product superior to our competitors?

Hitek Milan is renowned for our innovative custom products. We work exclusively with first-grade stainless steel materials, which are illustrated in our top-of-the-line products, both in quality and durability. You can be assured that when you order your grill, we make it not just for anyone, but we make it for you!