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3 BBQ Trends Right Now
3 BBQ Trends Right Now
July 05, 2019

BBQ never gets old. As a quintessential part of the summer, BBQ acts as both an event and a meal. Family get togethers on warm summer nights with the all-to familiar marinades, the spiducci grill, and BBQ styles are part of what people think of when they think about kicking it back with the family from Canada Day to the scorching hot days of early September.  

The only thing that changes is the BBQ you enjoyed when you were young probably differs from the BBQ you enjoy today. Maybe you’ve gone from old-school bbq to the specialized spiducci grill to cooking your skewers. Or you’re putting more veg on the grill as opposed to pre-made hot dogs and hamburgers.


Either way, BBQ moves with the times. Today we’ll discuss 3 BBQ trends for summer 2019.



The Benefits of Brisket


If you don’t know what brisket is you’ve got to get with the times. Introduced in the fine state of Texas and America’s Midwest, beef brisket is known for its smoked, slow-cooked tenderness and flavour. The popularization of this dish has made its way up to the upper states and even here in Canada, where more and more BBQ joints are opening up with smoked beef brisket as the headliner. You can even purchase brisket at the grocery store for your own upcoming cook-out.


Grilling Green


The science is clear. Consuming red meat isn’t great for your health in the long term. But that doesn’t mean you have to stop grilling. More and more grill masters are grilling vegetables in place of or in addition to meat. From grilled peppers, charred mushrooms, and wood-roasted carrots and root vegetables, your veg options are both endless and delicious.


Meat on a Stick


What’s more grill worthy than spiducci? This classic Italian BBQ dish is a fun summer treat, and is a go-to for a lot of people looking for a filling and easy-to-eat dish. For those dedicated to spiducci style BBQ, specialized spiducci grills are available to get the smoky, open-fire flavour you’re looking for.

Yum! Thinking about purchasing a spiducci grill for this summer!!
Posted by: Caroline | July 5, 2019, 10:51 am
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