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The Unique History Of Italy's Renowned Spiedini BBQ Skewer
The Unique History Of Italy's Renowned Spiedini BBQ Skewer
March 06, 2019

Arrosticini, spiducci, and spiedini. What is the difference between them? If you heard these three words, you might think they are different. In fact, they all mean the same thing: delectable Italian meat skewers cooked over charcoal.


Lately, this kebab has become a very popular Italian street food in Canada. Spiedini BBQ has become a favourite dinner meal as well as a popular party food. Those who have already eaten this famous Italian dish would agree that the meaty skewers are mouthwatering, delicious, and fun to eat.


How To Make Your Own


If you want to try and make your own spiedini BBQ, do a quick search online for recipes. There are many you can find recipes for a range of delicious meats, including sheep meat, pork, beef, or chicken.


However, a strict recipe is not necessary. You can be creative and create your own spiedini BBQ. Here are three simple steps on how to build your own customer skewer:


  1. Cut a combination of lean and fatty meats, parting them into very tiny chunks or cubes (about an inch in length).
  2. Skewer them and grill.
  3. Enjoy your delicious meal!


While the traditional way of cooking spiedini BBQ just requires a pinch of salt, you can add any flavour you want to enhance its meaty taste.  


A Unique History


One great thing about spiedini BBQ is its unique historical origin. It originated from the province of Abruzzo, Italy that is known for its sheep herding. The flocks of sheep were historically herded on wild grass and herbs, which gives the meaty skewers their natural, savoury flavour. Coupled with some bread and wine, it makes a good meal for the shepherds while they’re on their long journeys. After eating their meat skewers, they are energized for the long journey back to their homes in the mountains. It never crossed their minds that this simple skewered meat will become a major food trend worldwide!


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