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How Stainless Steel and Charcoal Give You the Best Grilling Experience
How Stainless Steel and Charcoal Give You the Best Grilling Experience
April 04, 2019

Of all the types of grills we could manufacture, we’ve chosen the stainless steel charcoal grill for the consistent and quality grilling experience it provides. Although this grill is our top choice, in reality there are a number of factors that will determine the best type of grill for your needs. These factors include how you intend to use the grill (they types of foods you will cook on it and how you want to cook them), where you’ll be using it (in exposed or protected areas) and your budget. Here’s a breakdown of how stainless steel and charcoal grills compare to grills made of cast iron or heated by gas.


Stainless Steel vs. Cast Iron

Stainless steel and cast iron are the most common materials with which grills are made, as they both provide durability and heat up well.


A stainless steel grill body and frame provide the greatest durability, and a stainless steel charcoal grill will last longer than a cast iron grill. These grills are also easier to clean and maintain and are better able to withstand exposure to the sun and rain. One area in which they can fall short when compared to cast iron grills is heat production; however, a larger grill made of thicker materials or with more surface area will have great heat retention to compensate for this.


Cast iron works great for retaining high heat for long periods. One thing to keep in mind about cast iron grills is that many of them have grates that are coated with porcelain or enamel to prevent corrosion. This coating, however, is prone to cracking and chipping, which impacts heat retention and can lead to rust. A cast iron grill also requires more maintenance than a stainless steel charcoal grill.


It’s worth noting that many grills are in fact manufactured using both stainless steel and cast iron materials. The idea is to give consumers the best of both worlds with these combination grills.


Charcoal vs. Gas

Charcoal grills can get hotter than gas grills—tehy can go up to 260 degrees Celsius, and even higher if you raise your coals close to the cooking surface. A stainless steel charcoal grill is great for cooking large pieces of red meat, especially to get a crisp outside and pink inside. This type of grill is also more affordable than a gas grill and easier to assemble.


Using charcoal to heat your grill, however, comes with challenges. Charcoal coals can be difficult to light, messy to handle and can create flare-ups during cooking. A little trial and error is all it takes to overcome these challenges, and the pay-off is well worth it.


One complaint that grillers may have about the stainless steel charcoal grill is that it typically isn’t built with a rotisserie or some other contraption for rotating meat. We’ve addressed this issue in our line of grills—our standard Milano Grill is built to hold up to 44 Spiedini skewers!


What many gas grill enthusiasts appreciate about their grills is that their convenience. Gas grills heat up within 15 minutes and can retain temperatures of up to around 200-315 degrees Celsius. They also don’t experience flare-ups as they don’t have open flames. A gas grill is, however, more likely to overcook your meat; this is not the ideal grill for you if you don’t like your meat well done. In addition to this, gas grill lids often do not seal well, which leads to the loss of smoke and the need for more wood.


At Milano Grills, we supply custom-built charcoal Spiedini grills. We aim to make your grilling easier and faster with our innovative air circulation system. Our grills are manufactured with stainless-steel materials to ensure durability—you won’t find yourself having to replace one of our grills anytime soon! Contact us to find the right stainless steel charcoal grill for you!

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