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Did You Know these 3 Facts about BBQ's History?
Did You Know these 3 Facts about BBQ's History?
May 27, 2019

Grilling and barbecuing are popular not only because they make for some delicious food, but also because they are fun experiences all around. Memories of warm summers are incomplete without the nostalgic recollection of huddling around the aromatic smoke of your favourite spiducci BBQ grill. That said, even the most seasoned grill aficionado may not know these 3 facts about grilling and barbecuing. Indeed, there is a history behind this fun summertime activity that makes it even more interesting.


Here are some fun facts to know about the art of barbecuing:


1. The term “barbecue” has disputed etymologies, from the Taino (an indigenous people of the Caribbean and Florida) word barabicu, meaning “sacred fire pit,” to origins in Haiti where it is translated as “framework of sticks set upon posts.”  


2. Barbecue is not only enjoyed by food lovers – but by competitive types too. There are a number of competitive barbecue events throughout the world, and in the United States the cash prizes can exceed $100,000. Competitive cookouts are not only about taste, but also efficiency. But that is not the only form of competitive barbecue – according to Major League Eating, the current record for baby back ribs is 5.24 lbs in 8 minutes, held by the formidable competitive eater Patrick Bertoletti.


3. The most famous presidents of the United States have been known to barbecue in the lawns of the White House, ever since the time of Thomas Jefferson. President Lyndon Johnson was well known for barbecue diplomacy – he often hosted barbecues and cookouts to bring other politicians together.


It makes sense that barbecue has such a colourful history – barbecue is universal! Milano Grills makes the best grills, like our portable spiducci BBQ grill, which can be brought anywhere for the family to enjoy delicious barbecue. If this list made you crave some barbecue, try the Milano Grills spiducci BBQ grill today!

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