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3 Grilling Tips for Cook-Out Season
3 Grilling Tips for Cook-Out Season
June 07, 2019

It’s cookout season – which means spending time with your friends and family over our signature Spiducci BBQ grill! Entertaining might seem like a daunting task, but achieving that perfect fire-grilled taste is easy when using our spiducci grill. You can taste the difference our grill makes in our smoky BBQ flavour, signature of over-charcoal, grilled chicken and vegetables.


In today’s post we’ll discuss 3 ways you can achieve that wood-fired Spiducci BBQ flavour you’re looking for.


Hardwood Charcoal

  • Lump coals are a must when it comes to achieving that quality-grade grilled flavour.
  • Opting for lump charcoal makes it easier to control your grill’s fire as it tends to burn faster, hotter, and leaves little ash residue in comparison to other briquette types.
  • Grilling over lump coals naturally allow your food to take on that natural, smoky flavour.


No Lower than 250°F

  • The key to achieving that signature BBQ charring is in maintain your grill at 250-275°F.
  • Because spiedini are cut into small cubes, you won’t want to go any higher in temperature otherwise you might risk burning your food rather than achieving that light crisp
  • Keeping within the 250-275°F will grill your food perfectly every time


Charcoal Grill Box

  •  For easy use, choose a slender box design BBQ grill as it offers the perfect surface area to divide into grilling zones
  • Also known as the 2-zone grilling method, you can keep high heat on one side and low on the other side, giving you more options and more control when it comes to achieving perfectly grilled meat and vegetables


Achieving the Perfect Summer Cook-Out with Milano Grills

Milano Grills are sleek yet functional stainless-steel grills perfect for any summer BBQ occasion. Milano Grills offer a range of features including an innovative air circulation system for faster grill time, V notches for targeted skewer grilling control, and collapsible legs for portability. Call us today to learn more about our stainless steel Spiducci BBQ grills!

All about those summer cook-outs!
Posted by: Kyle | June 7, 2019, 12:50 pm
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